3 Ways to Change Your Packaging for the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Not only are there some pretty fun holidays coming up, but brand awareness will be at an all-time high for your company! Think about all of the people who will buy your product and gift it to someone else – potentially someone who has never heard of your business before. In order to make a great first impression, you may want to make your e-commerce product packaging slightly more festive. Here are 3 ways to change your packaging for the holidays!

Play With Your Packaging Colors

It’s always fun when you can play around with different colors. Because of branding guidelines and the need for consistency, utilizing different colors in your packaging is never really a viable option. However, the holidays give you the perfect excuse to change things up! One of our favorite holiday gift packaging design trends is the classic black and white color scheme. It may sound strange, but this color combination is timeless, unexpected, and elegant. If you’re looking for a bolder color choice, pick one of your favorite winter hues and run with it! We recommend bright reds, pale greens, cool blues, and shiny golds!

Change Your Package's Exterior

We think this might be the most fun element of holiday packaging! Make your product stand out by mixing up the material you use to package it. One of the coolest packaging trends we’ve seen on the market today is to use rigid tubes. They come in all different sizes, add a unique visual dimension to your product, and can be branded to match your branding perfectly! They’re also a rigid packaging material, which will ensure that your product stays safe throughout the shipping process.

If tubes aren’t your thing, you could try packaging with cloth bags. There are so many benefits to utilizing this kind of flexible package. They are lightweight, reusable, can be customized with your branding, and double as a bonus gift for the person receiving your product!

One final way you can change up the exterior of your packaging is to take advantage of frosted pouches and other inner packaging materials. This design perfectly reflects the winter season with its frosty translucence and chilly elegance.

Some other minor changes to add to your packaging include:

  • Holiday Themed Packing Tape
  • Customized Stickers
  • Foil Stamps
  • Hanging Tags

Customize Your Package's Interior

Customizing the interior of your package can give your brand a “wow” factor! One way you can do this is by using custom box inserts. Not only do they make your product look more elegant, but they also keep everything inside perfectly safe during the delivery process.

We also suggest including an additional inner box for your product to sit in. The holidays are the perfect time to utilize this strategy because it gives your customers more to be excited about in addition to making the entire gifting process just a little easier.

One final way you can customize the interior of your package is to include copy. Think about how cool it will be for your someone to open your product packaging and immediately see a message from you! Use your printed boxes as an opportunity to “speak” to your customers and make a lasting impression. Try to include text that thanks them for their support, makes them feel like a friend to your brand, or inspires them!

The holiday season is just around the corner, so you’ll want to start planning as soon as possible! Don’t ignore your product packaging as it will play a huge role in how potential customers view your brand. If you found inspiration in this article and would like to get started with your holiday packaging strategy, fill out our contact form today! We look forward to hearing from you.