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Are you in need of a fresh new look for your apparel packaging? ACC Packaging can provide you with a full end-to-end solution that will increase efficiency, trust, and reliability. Let us help you through the process of developing your apparel packaging requirements, strategies, design, warehousing, inventory management, delivery, and more!

When it comes to packaging apparel and other clothing goods, brands are typically very aware of providing a positive experience for their consumers. Customers today value eco-friendly, sustainable products. That being said, brands have introduced new packaging trends like bio-degradable and paper materials. Sustainable packaging is not just great for the Earth, but it’s also good for business. Research has shown that more than 50% of people will switch to another brand if they use sustainable packaging for their products. 

Design is another key element of apparel packaging. Whether you choose boxes, pouches, or bags, you’ll need to create a design that stands out and separates your product for competitors. Some ways you can spice up your apparel boxing design include:

  • Adding a visual 
  • Incorporating calligraphy or hand lettering
  • Using animations
  • Enhancing your design with textured materials

Packaging products for apparel and clothing come in a great variety of options. ACC Packaging offers all of the best choices so that you can get the best results. Currently, boxes are the preferred choice of companies looking to add extra aesthetic value to their brand. Because boxes are a quality material and eco-friendly, they typically attract more customers. 

Rightsizing is another way that ACC can make your packaging more eco-friendly and interesting. Rightsize packaging saves on space and money, which only serves to benefit your company. Plus, most rightsized packages are made of rigid materials, so you know that your product will arrive safe and in-tact.

ACC Packaging has over 20 years of packaging experience and a great passion for seeing businesses succeed. Sign up for a free consultation online today to start developing the best solution for your needs. We look forward to hearing from soon.

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