Benefits of Glass Packaging

Are you considering glass packaging for your product packaging solution? Here are some of the benefits for using glass bottles and jars for your custom packaging solution over other packaging material options:

1. Durability of Glass Packaging

Glass packaging is more durable than its counterpart plastic. Of course, if the glass packaging remains unbroken then the lifespan of glass is unlimited. When working with glass packaging, carefully consider the inner packaging for shipping to mitigate damage and breaking. Look at rightsizing your inner packaging solution to ensure the integrity of the glass. Your custom glass packaging may just become a vintage collectors bottle.

2. Sustainability & Recyclability of Glass Bottles

Glass jars and bottles are considered 100% recyclable (even green and brown glass) and have the added benefit of being created from natural raw resources. Glass also doesn’t contain chemical additives found in other packaging solutions that can leak into the environment or into the product itself. This protection can in turn lead to longer shelf life meaning less waste.

3. Glass Can Be Heat Tolerant

Glass packaging is also very heat tolerant which can certainly assist in the protection during manufacturing and shipping process lessening breakage and waste. Glass containers can also be convenient from a consumer perspective in the case of food packaging by keeping food warm and being in many cases microwavable.

4. Glass Jars & Bottles are Versatile

Glass jars and bottles can be incredibly versatile in regards to color, shape and usage across the packaging industry. They in themselves can give a quick visual brand experience including giving a sense of quality that is harder to achieve with its counterpart packaging materials.

5. Classic Appeal of Glass

Glass packaging tends to give the essence of luxury and vintage due to years of use and production in packaging. The material itself assists in the overall packaging design aesthetic. It can be exceptionally popular in the food and beverage industry due to the product taste remaining intact and not influenced by the packaging as often happens with other packaging material. The history of glass usage brings with it an instant and classic appeal.

Glass packaging is a great solution for many products, but isn’t the only packaging solution. It is important to partner with a packaging company that can walk you through all the packaging material options and their associated pros and cons based on your unique product. Contact us today for a free consultation.