The Benefits of Rightsizing Your Packaging

We have all been there, opened a box and out pops stuffing and popcorn making a mess in your home or office. The boxes seem too large for what we purchased and now we start questioning the safety, quality and value of our order. There is a better way.

What is Rightsizing for Packaging?

Rightsizing is developing a packaging solution that not only ensures you are using the right dimensions of the outer packaging, but also address the fill to create a safe and secure package. This has become more important as single item shipping has increased with overall online purchasing. Optimized packaging is not only a benefit to the consumer, but to the retailers as well. Let’s review some of those benefits of rightsizing.

Eco Friendly Packaging

Eco Friendly packaging isn’t just about the packaging material. Having the appropriately sized outer packaging and internal fill to fit the product lessens the waste in material used that eventually ends up in a landfill. Eco friendly packaging is becoming increasingly popular with consumers and has already begun to impact purchasing behavior.

Cost Effective Packaging

Although there may be some upfront costs in developing a packaging solution that is optimized for the product(s) you are shipping, less packaging material not only creates a more eco friendly solution as noted above, but also reduces your packaging costs long term.

Safe & Secure Packaging

With so many touchpoints involved in shipping direct to consumers, safety and security is paramount. With rightsized package the product itself is more secure during the multi touch handling journey. Ecommerce return rates are high and a large percentage of those returns are due to damaged goods so safety and security with your packaging solution also improves your bottom line.

Value Perception

Sometimes forgotten, consumer perception during unboxing is critical to not only developing repeat business from a consumer, but also in creating brand ambassadors to drive new consumers to your virtual door. A positive experience can drive long term sales by delivering a safe, eco friendly solution to your customer. Rightsizing is just one way value perception is impacted when it comes to your packaging solution.
Packaging innovation and technology is ever evolving so make sure you are continually evaluating solutions to lower costs while also improving customer experience. Need help in this process? Contact us for a free consultation and estimate.