Packaging Alternatives to Plastic Pails and Flexible Packaging Benefits

Pail alternatives are quickly becoming very popular among many of our clients. Gone are the days where a large, rigid, and clunky pail is the only way to properly package an item. Now, we have many suitable options to keep your product safe and competitive. Regardless of the pail alternative you choose to utilize, your product will undoubtedly perform better than it would in a standard pail package. These are our top reasons why you should consider packaging with pail alternatives. 

Gain More Retail Opportunities with Flexible Packaging Ease of Storage

One of the key benefits of packaging with pail alternatives is that they save so much space! Because they are made of more flexible materials, they can fit into smaller spots while still holding your product safely inside. Not only do these packages save space (and money) during the shipping process, but they also take up less room on retailers’ shelves. This is a big deal because it could give your product an edge over any competing products placed right next to yours. When it comes to pail alternatives for food packaging, we recommend using Mylar pouches. These bags are flexible, affordable, and have a food-grade plastic lining inside to keep your product tasting fresh.

Flexible Packaging Alternatives for an Eco-Friendly Packaging Solution

Another great reason to use pail alternatives for your packaging is that they can be made from flexible materials for an eco-friendly packaging solution. This is important because many consumers today will make their purchasing decision based on factors like sustainability. Think about pet food packaging for a moment. This is a great example of an industry that has thrived on flexible pail packaging alternatives that are also good for the environment. Rarely do you see large pails of pet food on display at the store. Instead, you are greeted by a bountiful selection of bags and pouches made from either recycled materials or eco-friendly packaging. Not only does this make it easier for consumers to physically grab a bag of pet food, but it also gives the consumer peace of mind knowing that they are helping the planet in some way.

Improve Customer Appeal with Flexible Packaging Design

One final reason we recommend packaging with a pail alternative is that they are more visually appealing. Not only are they less obtrusive, but they also provide greater opportunities for branding and design. It’s so easy to add creative visual elements to pouches, which is why many businesses tend to lean towards them as an alternative to pails. They also look better and more approachable on retail shelves. If you are in the food or pet food industries, packaging with a pail alternative, like pouches or bags, will earn your brand more customer appeal.

Rigid Packaging Alternatives

Of course, we know that flexible packaging is not always an option for some businesses. Many products will require the use of a rigid packaging alternative, which is why we want to recommend these rigid pail alternative options to you. First, you can use #10 cans for long-term storage of foods like oats, beans, and dried macaroni. These cans provide an oxygen and moisture barrier to perfectly protect the items inside, so you know your product will stay intact. Second, we recommend glass jars and bottles because they are fantastic for storing dry goods for both short and extended periods of time. Glass jars and bottles are also a reusable packaging material, which is great for our planet! Finally, you can use polyethylene terephthalate (PETE) plastic bottles to store both liquid and solid products. This packaging solution is eco-friendly and is easy to maintain. Please keep in mind that when you package with PETE plastic bottles, you must ensure that they are cleaned thoroughly before placing an item inside.

We hope that you have found this article to be helpful. With so many packaging options available to businesses today, choosing the right one can feel overwhelming. At ACC Packaging, we are dedicated to helping every client find the perfect packaging solution for their needs. If you are interested in working with us to develop a packaging strategy, fill out our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you soon.