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The medical packaging industry has come a long way in recent years, thanks to advances in materials and printing technology. Today, medical packaging can include everything from simple paper labels to complex multi-layer packages with RFID tags. In the future, medical packaging is likely to become even more sophisticated, with sensors and other smart features that can provide real-time feedback on the condition of the contents. As medical devices become more advanced, so too will pharmaceutical packaging. In 2022 and beyond, healthcare packaging will play an increasingly important role in ensuring the safe and effective delivery of medical products.

When it comes to medical packaging, safety is always the top priority.

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What types of pharmaceutical and healthcare packaging available?

The type of medical product has a lot to do with the type of packaging materials used. Below is a list of the most common pharmaceutical and medical packaging options. Some of the most common medical packaging products include:

  1. Bottle Packaging
    Bottles are often used to store tablets and capsules as well as liquids. There are two types of materials used, glass and plastic. Glass bottles are often used to hold liquids due to its barrier properties. Plastic bottles are used to store tablets and capsules.

  2. Sachet Packaging
    Sachet packaging is used to store medical powders.

  3. Ampoules
    Ampoules are less common as they are a bit more expensive, but they are a must when packaging pharmaceutical injections that need to be air tight in order to keep the products integrity.

  4. Vials
    Vials come in glass or plastic and are used to hold liquids, solids or powders. They are often larger than ampoules which allows for more of the product to be packaged.

  5. Blister Packs
    Blister packs are used to store formed solid tablets. Blister packs are pre formed plastic, paper and foil.

When it comes to medical packaging, safety is always the top priority.

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