Rigid Packaging

Rigid packaging is a form of packaging that features heavier and often stronger materials than flexible packaging. Rigid packaging materials may include glass, hard plastics, cardboard, and metal. It’s important to note that rigid packaging is typically more expensive and has a significantly higher carbon footprint than its flexible packaging counterpart.

Some real-life examples of rigid packaging include cans of whipped-cream, pickle jars, yogurt containers, and wine bottles. Think about each of these materials for a moment. The one thing they all have in common is that they are firm, solid containers. None of these items can be altered without destroying the integrity of the container. Here are some benefits rigid packaging can provide:

  • Rigid packaging containers usually offer better protection for the product inside because the container itself offers structure and support. These containers are considered stronger and come with a heavier weight.
  • Rigid packaging comes in many forms and can be appropriate for so many products that you will have no problem finding the perfect solution for your product.
  • Using rigid packaging materials can give off an impression of quality. Consumers like to buy items that look durable and luxurious. A glass or hard-plastic package accomplishes both.

When it comes down to it, rigid packaging is a great solution for many brands looking to ensure that their product arrives to the consumer completely intact. Rigid packaging significantly reduces the chances of your items becoming damaged or expired. It’s also a great solution for businesses that are looking to sell high-quality, luxury items. Most rigid packaging materials give products a more glamorous feel because they are stronger and a little more expensive.

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