Types of Closures in Food Packaging

When it comes to food packaging, having the right packaging closure is extremely important. You’ve worked hard to create a delicious product and your customers deserve to enjoy it the way it was meant to be. Without the proper food packaging closure, your food could lose freshness, nutrients, and even taste. In this article, we’re going to answer the question at the front of your mind: what are the best types of closures in food packaging?

Importance of Choosing the Right Food Packaging Closure

Because there are so many types of packaging closures, it can feel overwhelming to choose the best one for your needs. If there’s one thing we know for sure though, it’s that the right packaging closure can make all the difference for your product and brand reputation.

Food packaging closures are meant to help preserve the item inside. They are critical in making sure that the product tastes exactly the way it was meant to. Without the right packaging closure, you run the risk of serving food that is not fresh and does not hold any nutritional value.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, food packaging closures should be easy to open. If your customers can’t access your product with ease, they are less likely to support your brand in the future. It’s incredibly inconvenient to struggle with the packaging closure on anything, especially a food product. Don’t miss out on sales because your packaging material was not easy to open. Instead, choose a well-made, package-appropriate closure to ensure your customers become loyal to your brand.

Popular Flexible Food Packaging Closures

We know it can be difficult to choose the right packaging closure for your food product, but there is some good news! If you are planning on utilizing flexible packaging, there are several types of closures that are meant for flexible packaging specifically. These closures include:
  • Press-To-Close Zippers – This packaging closure helps to make it easier to open and close a package. It’s perfect for products that require a sealant to remain fresh. It’s also great because people don’t have to rely on clips or other devices to keep the package cold and the product fresh.
  • Hook-To-Hook Closures – This type of closure is very similar to the press-to-close option because it allows your customers to easily open and close the package over time.
  • Slider Closures with End Clips – This is an advanced type of packaging closure that enables the user to open and close a bag very simply.
  • Spouts and Fitments – These dispensing closure mechanisms are specifically designed to make it easier to get liquid products out of their packaging. Spouts and fitments are perfect for kid’s snacks and on-the-go food products.
  • Laser Scoring, Tear Notches, and Micro Perforations – These packaging closures allow consumers to easily tear off the sealed part of the package.

Additional Types of Food Packaging Closures

Besides the packaging closures we mentioned above, there are other options you can choose from. Some alternative packaging closure options are:
  • Child Resistant Closures – This type of packaging closure is great for food items that may not be safe for a child to eat.
  • Tamper Evident Closures – Tamper evident closures are arguably the most important type of packaging closure available today. Tamper evident closures are essential in the packaging industry because they alert consumers to any improper interactions someone may have had with the product. A broken seal or a missing tab can indicate that the item was handled poorly during the shipping process or that someone tampered with the product inside the package, essentially contaminating it and creating an unsafe user experience. Tamper evident closures are the best way to keep your food safe and healthy for consumers.
  • Continuous Thread Closures – One of the most common types of packaging closures is the continuous thread cap. It is very reliable, leakproof, and easy to remove.

There are so many benefits to choosing the best type of packaging closure for your food product. We know there’s a lot to consider when making this important decision, which is why we recommend working with an experienced packaging company to make the right choice for your product. If you are curious about how ACC Packaging can help you or if you would like to request a quote from our team, please fill out our contact form. We look forward to working with you!