Vendor Managed Inventory

What is vendor managed inventory?

What is vendor Management Inventory? Vendor Managed Inventory or VMI for short, is an inventory system where the buyer of a product provides detailed information to a vendor, who then takes full responsibility for maintaining stock levels of the material or product. This can be an advantageous system for both parties as it can help to streamline production and minimize waste. For the buyer, it can mean reduced inventory costs and improved customer service, as they are not having to manage stock levels themselves. In addition, it can lead to better communication between the two parties as they work together to ensure smooth operation of the system.

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  1. Customer service
  2. Maintaining proper stock levels
  3. Reducing YOUR inventory costs

Advantages of working with ACC

Maintaining stock levels for packaging products is not an easy task. During the busy season materials are used just as soon as they are in stock. At ACC Packaging our customer service representatives will work with your team to ensure the proper packaging supplies are on hand, ready to use, no matter the season. Ensure your packaging supply inventory is up to date and accurate this holiday season.

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